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Community Groups

Building Community in the Church

Community Groups

Building Relationships

Whether its with Friends, family or in our walk with God, meaningful relationships happen when we connect and "do life together." Community Groups are a great place to make connection and build strong relationships with others in the church.

Growing in the Spirit

Whether we are a seasoned Christian or a new believer, there is always new things that we can discover and learn about God and Scripture. Community groups challenge people to constantly grow in the Spirit, life and relationship with one another.

Living Out God's Word Together

God created us for community and to live in relationship with others. It is in relationships we are fully able to live out God's word and begin to put our faith into action in life-changing ways that impacts the world around us. 

Current Teaching Series

Trends come and go in our culture and the church seems to follow. BASIC is a seven-part series of short films that challenges us to reclaim the church as Scripture describes it to be. This series speaks to those who have questions about the church and to those who may have lost interest in the church.

Join us this fall as we rediscover the basics of Christianity. 

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Are you new to WEC and want to join a Community Group? We would love to hear from you and get you connected.

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