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Revelation: Are You Ready?

Christians have always had a keen interest in the book of Revelation due to its apocalyptic nature. And such keen interest has also misled many to spiritual jeopardy when misunderstood and misapplied. Contrary to popular belief, the book of Revelation is not a scary, confusing book. Join us as God takes us on this journey to give us a glimpse into our glorious future. The journey will not be quick and easy, but i guarantee every step of the journey will be worth it.


Previous Series

1 Corinthians

Looking for the Perfect Church?

We all have our own picture of what a perfect church ought to look like. Everyone gets along without conflict and tension. People are all graceful, understanding, forgiving, humble loving and caring led by a perfect pastor and a gifted worship team who always keep worship time under control. If this is your picture of a perfect church look no further. There isn't one....


A Quest for Meaningful Life

What if there is someone who lived life long enough and is wise enough to give you all the advice you need in life? You'd know what to pursue and what to let go, when to say 'yes' and when to say 'no.' There is one and his message is alarming. 


When God's Building Comes to Life

The future of a nation often depends on the quality and integrity of a leader. The book of Nehemiah is a vivid example of how God can use the affections and integrity of a leader to rebuild His people. Join us as we journey through this marvelous book and discover how God works, builds and stretches His people to a surprising ending.

5 Hindrances to Spiritual Growth

Often we think that spiritual growth comes naturally if we just attend church regularly. But did you know that your spiritual growth could be hindered? Years of church attendance does not always translate into one's spiritual maturity. What are some things that get in the way of your spiritual growth?


Sound Doctrine to Sound Living

Every seasoned Christian understands the significance the book of Romans has in the Christian faith. It is the greatest and longest letter the Apostle Paul has written. The Apostle shows us why, as a Christian, having a sound 'doctrine' is just as critical as sound 'living.' Be ready to be encouraged, ... 

The Call for Community

Are you seeking or wanting to find belonging, to create a home and be surrounded by a community of faith?

Join us in this mini-series as we discover God's calling for community as found throughout scripture and become part of the family of God in the Church. 

Finding the Ultimate Hope

2020 has impacted our lives in so many ways. During these uncertain, troubled times, life confronts us with the question What is our hope? Where does our hope lie? What has been our hope? 

Join us as we look discover hope in the Gospel of Matthew.