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Diaconate Ministry

What is a Deacon:

Deacons were commissioned in the book of Acts chapter 6 and it has provided an ecclesiastical role and pattern that have continued ever since the birth of the early church. The church recognized the importance of providing for the physical need and care of the people. 

Deacons at WEC

At WEC, the diaconate - a group of men and women who are nominated, trained, elected and appointed by the WEC elders and members - exists to focus on mercy and deed ministries within the body of Christ.

  • Practically assist, pray and encourage WEC members and attenders who are in challenging circumstances. 

  • As extended arms of the Pastor, engage with the congregation in matters that will further the growth of the existing or new members. 

  • Initiate and serve in various ministry capacities. 

  • Conduct various other administrative and operational tasks and roles. 

Along with the qualifications mentioned in 1 Timothy 3:8-9, 13, the diaconate strives to reflect the following characteristics: 







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